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Is my site down? Online website tools!

It’s a scary moment when you open your web browser, type in your website url and sit waiting for your website.  Seconds pass, maybe even a minute, then the anxiety sets in.  Before you go any further, get a second opinion.  The first step will be to confirm a basic question: Is my site down? I use […]

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The Brute Force WordPress Attacks

(written 04/12/2013) Earlier this week, I was introduced to breaking news of a massive attack on WordPress sites. An ecommerce site that I’d worked on was experiencing broken code. I contacted hosting’s tech support and they let me know they had been experiencing hack attacks on their servers. In order to keep all their servers […]

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How to develop content for a website

When you are planning to launch an online presence, it’s important to develop your website’s content before a designer begins building the site. How the site looks is important, but not remotely close to the message that it delivers. This article will help you create that message. 1) Why are you making a website? Your […]

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Google PageRank – Pt 2

I’ve attended conventions like the Portland Code Camp at Reed College.  One of the classes that I felt most involved with was the Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing lecture.  The class was taught by Colleen Wright and assisted by Jennifer Goudey-Forster. Although much of the class covered information I have already written about, I […]

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Google PageRank pt1

Hits coming from search engines are called organic visits. If you’re a business, however, you might as well call them new customers. Most businesses invest in a website to expand their customer base, unfortunately, without proper attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a nice website can sit unnoticed. Each click that leads to your website […]

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Self-Promotion Postcards

I plan on sending these postcards out very soon. Let me know if you would like a copy by sending me your address with the contact page! Find this snowflake on Cafepress tees, mugs and posters!

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