dhavir – Photo Manipulation

dhavir – Photo Manipulation

dhavir – Portland, OR – 2011
Adobe Photoshop

I’ve done a number of DVD packages for dhavir productions in the past. I am sometimes asked to work on the video production as well. In this case, I was asked to prep a number of photographs that were going to be used in an instructional video. All of the images needed to be on a black background but this one also needed the human removed. With a bit of magic, I was able to recreate the hidden parts of this instrument. Although I could not see the entire instrument, I believe my interpretation may be very close.

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“Having worked with both designers and programmers, it was refreshing to find both skills in Terry’s toolbox. He’s a dynamic graphic designer and writes clean html by hand – not a combination you find easily.
“I would recommend Terry to anyone looking for a dedicated, creative and hard-working individual to enhance their company’s graphics and/or website development projects.”
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