Emrg N See – Web Design

Emrgnsee – Web Design (using some elements created by another designer: W El Rey)

Emrgnsee – Portland, OR – 2010
Wordpress, HTML, CSS, PHP, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

I was part of a 4 person team that worked on this website. Lucky for me, Matt Dressmon (http://euphoriuhh.com/) did a large amount of the data entry that I had done the previous year. The original design had most of the elements here, but I chipped in the space background (thanks to my work with ufotv.com, I am now the go-to guy for all things galactic.) The background actually has multiple space images layered together. The actual site is quite large, hosting information on workshops, live artists, food carts, vendors and the festival’s music. Besides contributing my graphic and coding skills to the site, I also did a large amount of data entry into the wordpress control panel. The site is located here: http://2010.emrgnsee.com/

Early Web Experience

down to earth
Down To Earth Distributors - My first CSS project involving multiple opensource applications like Stoke's Phone Book, Matt's FormMail, Plan's online calendar and ramdom image javascript. I also designed and coded the web sites for Down to Earth's retail stores and it's organic fertilizer. I completed these projects between 2004 and 2007.

Agent Lead - I worked in Corvallis, Oregon for GoHome in 1999 designing web pages to sell real estate.

Libbey, Inc. - In 1997, I worked in Toledo, Ohio for one of the worlds largest tableware manufactures. I was flown to Atlanta Georgia to work with Microsoft in designing the launch of this complex web site. (While living in Ohio, I created the infamous email: terrytoledo)

Obie Media's Art Department 2001 - I did this while working at Obie Media.

Early Web Animation

The Future Sound of Lego - My first stop animation using Flash. Lego people ravin' and dancing til the break of dawn. I love their smiles.

Random Testimonial

“Thank you for your brilliant design work on my new Business cards and my company logo. My sister is a graphic designer and gave me my original company identity. When you were referred to me I wasn’t really looking for a new image, but I was blown away with your varied, fresh and innovative designs you offered me and I have now picked a new identity entirely. You have such a good feel for your client’s needs, a natural flair for design and your work is precise, thorough and completely on the mark.

I am ever grateful for the funky, new image you have given myself and my business and I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to promote themselves or their product. I said it before and I’ll say it again, your work is sheer genius!

The hugest ‘Thank You’ All the way from Sunny South Africa”
Vanessa Frankal

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