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I love this logo. I wish I had made it for my own game company, yet, it is in good hands with the owners in Tucson, Arizona. The sun is a fitting image for an Arizona-based company. The initials of the game fell perfectly to create the eyes and nose of the sun.

I was hired to illustrate and design this board game package with full creative freedom. The client was looking to emphasis the height of the game, as the players build tall structures during the game play. The name of the board game reinforces the tall concept of the game play. I did the illustration in pen and ink, then did the airbrushing in photoshop. Drawing the figure in the foreground was a bit frustrating, yet this artwork turned out to be one of my finest works to date.

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Random Testimonial

“Terry has very high standards for his work and does not cut creative corners. His work has a professional polish and is well presented. He has represented the department well and has received favorable reviews from the sales staff.”
Ed Holst
Art Director, Obie Media

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