Jerusalem Pulse Radio – Web Design, Graphic Design and Logo Design

Jerusalem Pulse Radio – Web Design, Graphic Design and Logo Design

JPR – Jerusalem, Israel – 2010
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe ImageReady, Macromedia Flash, HTML, CSS, PHP, Jquery, iTunes Podcasting, YouTube Video Channel and WordPress

Doing the web design for Jerusalem Pulse Radio was no small task. Over a two year period, I reskinned the Drupal site, moved the site’s host twice and transferred the entire site to run a WordPress content management system. I also created the animated header in Flash, the site administrator produced the Flash audio. The JPR empire consists of a YouTube channel ( ) and iTunes Pocast channel ( ). The YouTube channel design is based off the main site and it’s videos are also embedded on the main site’s video page. The audio shows are available with flash audio players on the site and then exported automatically to the iTunes channel. The JPR site displays content by type (audio, video or blog post) while also organizing those media types by author/show. The WordPress content management system is running a complex plug-in that pulls RSS feeds into the site database. These feeds are acquired from over 30 different web sources and automatically updates the site content every day. The feeds are organized into 9 Headline categories, exploding the overall content of the site. As of this writing, there were over 33,700 news headlines. The controversial website has attracted a large audience, due to my SEO techniques and the subject matter. As of this writing, there are a number of debates going on in the comment sections. I have a feeling the processor on this web server may need some extra cooling fans! Join the discussion here:

Early Web Experience

down to earth
Down To Earth Distributors - My first CSS project involving multiple opensource applications like Stoke's Phone Book, Matt's FormMail, Plan's online calendar and ramdom image javascript. I also designed and coded the web sites for Down to Earth's retail stores and it's organic fertilizer. I completed these projects between 2004 and 2007.

Agent Lead - I worked in Corvallis, Oregon for GoHome in 1999 designing web pages to sell real estate.

Libbey, Inc. - In 1997, I worked in Toledo, Ohio for one of the worlds largest tableware manufactures. I was flown to Atlanta Georgia to work with Microsoft in designing the launch of this complex web site. (While living in Ohio, I created the infamous email: terrytoledo)

Obie Media's Art Department 2001 - I did this while working at Obie Media.

Early Web Animation

The Future Sound of Lego - My first stop animation using Flash. Lego people ravin' and dancing til the break of dawn. I love their smiles.

Random Testimonial

“REALLY amazing effort and support today getting us to press.  You not only rocked some crazy artwork, but totally weathered the crazy mayhem of our IT’S AN EMRGNSEE!!! last-minute mayhem.  Thanks.”
Ben Scott
Emrgnsee Festival

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