Pulp Fiction – DVD Package Design

Pulp Fiction – DVD Package Design and Logo Design

UFOTV – Venice Beach, CA – 2010
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

How I made the DVD package:

I was hired by UFOTV to make the package design for Pulp Fiction, a documentary on early science fiction authors and their work. I watched the film, it was inspiring! So…

…The Pulp Fiction DVD package design started with a volcano! I duplicated an area of a volcano, rotating it so it would form a sphere. An explosion!

I tried to stick with classic pulp colors: red, yellow and black.

From a large selection of AMAZING artwork, we chose images from these works.

After some detailed cut and paste work, I place the images into the layout.

The logo is added to the design with some DRAMA!

The final layout is heavy on the red and black, with much of the yellow exploding on the front cover. The sun that was made from a volcano is barely visible. The hands that were once reaching upwards towards a woman, are now reaching for a woman – defended by a robot. Meanwhile a white man in middle eastern duds is being goosed by a golden serpent! Come to your own conclusion here: _________________________.

The Pulp Fiction documentary had a custom menu screen. I designed the volcano to be a bit larger in this layout. The perspective on the logo drips super drama.

The Pulp Fiction documentary comes with two compact discs. Each disc has a custom image that relates to the overall package design.

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Random Testimonial

“REALLY amazing effort and support today getting us to press.  You not only rocked some crazy artwork, but totally weathered the crazy mayhem of our IT’S AN EMRGNSEE!!! last-minute mayhem.  Thanks.”
Ben Scott
Emrgnsee Festival

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