Rock ‘n Socks Logo Design

Rock ‘n Socks – Logo Design

Stop Physics – Portland, OR – 2009
Illustration, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Streamline

The final and third attempt at the pin-up woman riding a tricycle. This is one of my most realistic images, yet. Although the client chose to follow an alternative route. I’m including the image because it marks a milestone in my illustration style. I would like to work more with realistic illustrations that are used for rock posters.

This shows the process of how the final illustration was produced. Each revision was created with the client’s requests in mind.

My first attempt was too similar to a Dr. Seuss illustration.

My second illustration was more realistic, but the tricycle may look better on an angle.

The third sketch was crude and needed more attention once it was scanned in.

The fourth step in the process produced the vector look of the third sketch.  I felt the woman’s face still needed some work and tweaked some other areas before the final image was presented.

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“Terry has very high standards for his work and does not cut creative corners. His work has a professional polish and is well presented. He has represented the department well and has received favorable reviews from the sales staff.”
Ed Holst
Art Director, Obie Media

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