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Do you visit a number of web pages for information? Does it also relate to your web page? If so, you should think about offering posts from those sites on your website with RSS feeds. An RSS feed can add links and text directly to your site. Plus, it updates itself automatically! In fact, this post is an RSS feed found on my homepage and on the admin panel of all my client’s web pages. It’s a new way I can keep everyone up to date with new services that I can provide. If this sounds interesting to you, give me a call or send me an email and I will be happy to explain it more. Cheers!

Random Testimonial

“We were very pleased with Terry’s work. He provided us with some amazing artwork, was very professional and friendly to work with and was very valuable to our company. We can’t thank him enough. Thanks Terry!”
Matt Mette and Mike Thompson
Good Company Games

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