Sid Love – A Choose Your Own Comic – Portland, OR – 2000-2009
Illustration, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

  • See squirrels driving giant monster trucks.
  • Rock the guitar at your best friend’s party.
  • Rip your boss’s arm off at work.
  • Find love, adopt seven kids & go on the run.
  • Get pulled into hell by a rotting zombie.
  • Fight for your rights!
  • Meet clones brainwashed to fight, work and die for their “god”!
  • And much, much more!!

It’s up to you! Will the bad guys take over the world? Or will Love prevail? There’s only one way to find out, turn to page 3…

Sid Love is a choose-your-own comic written by me! (Terry Dunham)

Find sample pages here.

Buy it online here.

Retailers, contact me for a login and password that will allow you to purchase books at wholesale prices!

It comes with a free CD with music by me!

Some endings in the story continue on audio.

Songs are listed by their corosponding page number.

Download the Sid Love Album here.

I hope you are able to pick one up. Thanks for the support!

Random Testimonial

Terry is a fantastic Web Designer and Artist. The creativity and professionalism Terry brought to our project exceeded our expectations in every way. With an eye for detail and sense of style Terry’s been a real pleasure to work with. I look forward working with Terry again on other projects and highly recommend him for any design work.

Larry Spektor
Classic Clunker

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