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STAR Autism – Discrete Trial Essentials Teacher’s Aid Kit (Package Design Upgrade)

Star Autism – Portland, OR – 2010
Illustration, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

The Discrete Trial Essentials Teacher’s Aid Kit had been a success and the company decided to upgrade the packaging to boost sales even more. The new package was a full color print job on all eight sides (eight sides due to the flap that folds over.) The design still features a number of my illustrations. The box is 18″ x 12″ x 6″ and is large enough to contain a number of toys and instructional materials.

Having this teacher’s aid kit printed professionally gave STAR Autism a chance to buy a number of the toys in bulk and include them in the package. The toys are represented in activities with illustrations like these. Mixing illustration with graphic design is my favorite part of my career.

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Terry has been an incredible asset to us as we build both our nonprofit and our event. The website we created with him has been an invaluable, changing tool that grows along with us. As the outward face of PDX Bridge Festival, it is very important that our website reflect our overall aesthetic and values, and it has been very fun and easy to work with Terry to develop that symbiosis of functionality and good looks. As a new business, building a web presence became one of our first priorities, and we hired Terry at a time when we had very little resources to work with. That investment has given us great returns and we look forward to maintaining this partnership well into the future!

Tucker Teutsch 3.0
Founder and Creative Director
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