STAR Autism Sunshine Literacy Kit

STAR Autism Support – Sunshine Literacy Educational Kit

Star Autism – Portland, OR – 2010
Illustration, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Streamline

The STAR Autism Sunshine Literacy Kit assists teachers with lesson plans, activities, data collection and educational games. Constructing the kit involved over 50 original illustrations and designing hundreds of printed materials. There are 10 total activities that require materials from the kit. Most of the activities required illustrations: 20 illustrations were converted for stencils, 19 illustrations were created for an activity which involves gluing macaroni on the artwork. Additional illustrations were created for the Bingo Cards and Teacher’s Manual. I designed and prepared 434 files intended to be used as flash cards. The flash cards show photographs, colors, shapes and words. Some of the material in the kit is provided on a cd to be printed by the teacher. On this CD, I created custom-built icons. All in all, the project resulted in over 1,000 files that are to be printed by the manufacturer or files that are provided on the compact disc that comes with the kit.

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“Thank you for your brilliant design work on my new Business cards and my company logo. My sister is a graphic designer and gave me my original company identity. When you were referred to me I wasn’t really looking for a new image, but I was blown away with your varied, fresh and innovative designs you offered me and I have now picked a new identity entirely. You have such a good feel for your client’s needs, a natural flair for design and your work is precise, thorough and completely on the mark.

I am ever grateful for the funky, new image you have given myself and my business and I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to promote themselves or their product. I said it before and I’ll say it again, your work is sheer genius!

The hugest ‘Thank You’ All the way from Sunny South Africa”
Vanessa Frankal

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