STAR Autism Support – Catalog Design

STAR Autism Support – Catalog Design

Star Autism – Portland, OR – 2010
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

The small, two color catalog for STAR Autism was designed quickly to promote the latest projects that were being released. The cover is more functional than eye-catching, but not without a sparkle of magic (note the stars flying out of the package in the photo.)

The STAR Autism catalog was printed on letter size paper and folded to make each page 5.5″ wide and 8.5″ tall. The small size was a design challenge and did not leave adequate room to showcase the photos. I was determined, however, to make the images as large as possible. The product names are placed in blue headers on each page and the product number was also located in a header separated by a vertical line. I used stars as list bullets to reinforce the brand name, but made sure not to get too star-happy!

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Random Testimonial

“Thank you for your brilliant design work on my new Business cards and my company logo. My sister is a graphic designer and gave me my original company identity. When you were referred to me I wasn’t really looking for a new image, but I was blown away with your varied, fresh and innovative designs you offered me and I have now picked a new identity entirely. You have such a good feel for your client’s needs, a natural flair for design and your work is precise, thorough and completely on the mark.

I am ever grateful for the funky, new image you have given myself and my business and I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to promote themselves or their product. I said it before and I’ll say it again, your work is sheer genius!

The hugest ‘Thank You’ All the way from Sunny South Africa”
Vanessa Frankal

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