STAR Autism Support – Catalog Design

STAR Autism Support – Catalog Design

Star Autism – Portland, OR – 2010
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

The small, two color catalog for STAR Autism was designed quickly to promote the latest projects that were being released. The cover is more functional than eye-catching, but not without a sparkle of magic (note the stars flying out of the package in the photo.)

The STAR Autism catalog was printed on letter size paper and folded to make each page 5.5″ wide and 8.5″ tall. The small size was a design challenge and did not leave adequate room to showcase the photos. I was determined, however, to make the images as large as possible. The product names are placed in blue headers on each page and the product number was also located in a header separated by a vertical line. I used stars as list bullets to reinforce the brand name, but made sure not to get too star-happy!

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“REALLY amazing effort and support today getting us to press.  You not only rocked some crazy artwork, but totally weathered the crazy mayhem of our IT’S AN EMRGNSEE!!! last-minute mayhem.  Thanks.”
Ben Scott
Emrgnsee Festival

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