UFOTV – DVD Package Design and Logo Design

UFOTV – DVD Package Design and Logo Design

UFOTV – Venice Beach, CA – 2010
Vector Illustration, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

I started this project without having access to a photograph of David Icke. Having his likeness on this cover seemed important, so I illustrated this image of David with Adobe Illustrator. This illustration was done with a mouse and a photograph that was made for the internet. The next illustration I made was the sacred geometry of circles and lines. From there, I added some trick photography. I found a photo of blurred lights in a dark room and deleted the black in the photo. What was left were the curved lines from the photo. I pasted them over the moon, under the logo and behind the top of David’s head. They bring a great sense of movement to the logo. I duplicated the image of David to suggest that he has visited other worlds or dimensions. I was very inspired by the movie Waking Life and I look forward to doing more vector illustrations like this one.

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Terry is a fantastic Web Designer and Artist. The creativity and professionalism Terry brought to our project exceeded our expectations in every way. With an eye for detail and sense of style Terry’s been a real pleasure to work with. I look forward working with Terry again on other projects and highly recommend him for any design work.

Larry Spektor
Classic Clunker

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