UFOTV – DVD Package Design and Logo Design

UFOTV – DVD Package Design and Logo Design

UFOTV – Venice Beach, CA – 2010
Adobe Photoshop

David Icke has been connecting the dots of conspriracy for the past decade. Big brother was the topic of this documentary. So, the stage was set in Oxford for an over-the-top, shocking DVD cover. I combined satellites, security cameras, the all-seeing eye, outter space, lasers and -of course- explosions and boom! …a scary David Icke DVD cover! I like how David Icke’s satellite is exposing the all-seeing eye. I had a great time working on this project… Just don’t tell anyone that I made this, okay?

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“Terry is very creative and has a unique design style. What makes him such a hot commodity is threefold. He is able to get as outrageous and cutting edge as one could want while having the ability to be quite contemporary depending on the demands placed on him for any given project. He meets with deadlines. And lastly, though I can’t stress it enough, he’s easy to work with!”
Darin J. Weiss
Weiss Media Group

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