UFOTV DVD’s part 2

My font, Sidhe, was used in this DVD’s logo. Elements from NASA’s image gallery were dramaticly modified to make this image. I also purchased and modified an image of the UFO. I’m very pleased with the colors and lighting effects on this piece.

This DVD cover has a number of elements that interact with each other. For the logo, I used a font I designed (Sidhe) which incorporates a circle on each letter. The circle is repeated below in a geometric shape similar to a crop circle. Capturing all this at the bottom is a satillite dish in a wheat field.

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Random Testimonial

“We were very pleased with Terry’s work. He provided us with some amazing artwork, was very professional and friendly to work with and was very valuable to our company. We can’t thank him enough. Thanks Terry!”
Matt Mette and Mike Thompson
Good Company Games

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