UFOTV – Lapis Exillis DVD Package Design

UFOTV – DVD Package Design and Logo Design

UFOTV – Venice Beach, CA – 2009
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Lapis Exillis is a documentary focused on the Holy Grail. The author explains why specific works of art may suggest the location of the grail. Two of the works (Shepherd’s Monument and The Shepherds of Arcadia) are featured in the documentary and used on this DVD cover. Although the documentary does not attempt to link these artworks by overlapping the images, I felt it reflects the spirit of the subject matter. I also think the result is a bit errie, more so if I am the first artist to present these masterpieces in this manner. Regardless, the Knights of Templar cross acts as the heart of the piece, uniting all the characters involved.  The spine of the DVD package repeats the title of the movie while covering the last figure. This figure is revealed on the DVD disc and appears to be handing off a head to the kneeling figure. Without going into theories, the DVD art stands well on it’s own. An original piece that merges modern design with iconic fine art.

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