This logo existed previously, I added the lighting effects and depth.

This logo was developed for CafePress tees and products. The message and image are aimed at outlaw DVD pirates. While I was drawing this, I recalled what my Spanish teacher told me one day, as she confiscated a drawing of mine. I believe it had something to do with “never making a living by drawing skulls”… She would be so proud of me.

I developed three logos for the Groom Lake Yacht Club series. Groom Lake a popular area for UFO watching near area 51. The surface of this dried lake bed is also capable of hosting land surfing sports. This logo features one air-born, skateboarder, if you look at the bottom of his board you will find my logo mixed with random UFOTV logos. The sail contains a popular crop circles logo.

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“Working with graphic artist Terry Dunham may be the single best decision I’ve ever made as a business owner. Over the past five years, he has created over 100 site designs, logos, and other graphical site elements for me… …Each design has been stylistically unique… …On a personal note, Terry is consistently friendly, professional and easy to work with…”
Lisa Gray
Gray’s Web Design

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