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YidMatch Homepage – Web Design, Graphic Design and Logo Design

YidMatch – Los Angeles, CA – 2010
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe ImageReady, HTML, CSS, PHP, VLDpersonals, WordPress and phpBB Forums

YidMatch is an social network (dating web site) built for marriage-minded Jewish singles. To build my client the most secure dating web site, we first purchased software from VLDPersonals. VLDPersonals is a web design company that makes internet dating websites. Outside of the VLDPersonal’s code, the web site also utilizes an additional wordpress cms system and a php forum installation that is synched with the dating site member database. The homepage design targets Jewish, marriage-minded singles. The launch marks the end of a two-year venture in social network programing and designing and I am happy to refer you to see the site here: www.yidmatch.com (feel free to sign up, too, if you are Jewish and single!)

The YidMatch Features page runs a javascript navigation and highlights the benefits to signing up.

After purchasing and installing the software, admins are presented with a number of features. Some of the default features were: Instant chat rooms, video, audio, friends, favorites, dozens of search options and a complex events calendar. I took this foundation in the php code, and added a number of modifications and additions to the software.

The YidMatch dating site allows members to modify a number of options on their profile pages. The profile options allow members to build custom web pages to match their personality. Members are able to choose their own graphics, backgrounds and menu placements on their profile page. I designed and implemented over 50 different graphic icons, five of which are part of the member’s profile page. The icons show a large number of characteristics like: eye color, religious background, career, sense of humor and hobbies. Other samples of profile pages are below.

Early Web Experience

down to earth
Down To Earth Distributors - My first CSS project involving multiple opensource applications like Stoke's Phone Book, Matt's FormMail, Plan's online calendar and ramdom image javascript. I also designed and coded the web sites for Down to Earth's retail stores and it's organic fertilizer. I completed these projects between 2004 and 2007.

Agent Lead - I worked in Corvallis, Oregon for GoHome in 1999 designing web pages to sell real estate.

Libbey, Inc. - In 1997, I worked in Toledo, Ohio for one of the worlds largest tableware manufactures. I was flown to Atlanta Georgia to work with Microsoft in designing the launch of this complex web site. (While living in Ohio, I created the infamous email: terrytoledo)

Obie Media's Art Department 2001 - I did this while working at Obie Media.

Early Web Animation

The Future Sound of Lego - My first stop animation using Flash. Lego people ravin' and dancing til the break of dawn. I love their smiles.

Random Testimonial

Terry is very creative in his approach to your design ideas but also attentive and exacting in his updates and corrections of your first proofs to your last. I’m pretty picky and Terry hung with me till I was done tweaking and until I was satisfied with the final result. We are working on our sixth CD cover and I’m very excited!

John “Gumby” Goodwin
Los Angeles, CA

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